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SETCO is a direct importer/exporter of commercial fishing product, supplying good services in tourism and quality goods to professional printing and News paper companies throughout the world.

SETCO is a leading exporting company dealing in frozen and fresh seafood such as squid, cuttlefish, shrimps (black, white, cat, spear pink tiger) lobster, crab, sole fish, grouper, red fish, red snapper, barracuda, sea bream, sea bass, red mullet, top shell meat, sea cucumber and shark fins.

SETCO was established in 2003. While the company main focus was Export from Europe to West Africa the accent was also put in studying other alternatives and opportunities on the West African economy especially in Senegal.

In fact SETCO chose to operate on the first hand in fishery from Senegal because this sector has a key position in the country’s commercial balance and accounts for almost 12% of its GDP. Every year Senegal produces 30,000.00 tons of shrimp and has a yearly exploitable potential estimated at 450,000.00 tons.

Senegal’s coastal water (Atlantic Ocean) is rich in fish, and the country has a modern fishing fleet. Landing in 2001 totalled 405,000.00 metric tons.

At SETCO our priority is to take advantage to these opportunities and to ensure that our customers will get competitive prices and good quality from. Senegal has 700 km of fine sand, a pleasant and mild climate. Senegal is just by airways six and half hours from New York and 5 hours from main European capitals.